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Product description

The WDX MASK is the best protection for the little ones. Ideal for children from 5 to 8 years old (from 9 years we recommend Junior).
We use an homologated fabric (UNE 0065/2020) certified by AITEX and a Sanitized © treatment (T11-15) that deactivates the viral load for greater protection against bacteria and viruses.
- Incorporates Sanitized © (T11-15) Treatment: For Greater Protection Against Bacteria And Virusreusables
- Waterproof: Repel Water And Microdroplets Barreravirus
- Act As A Barrier: For Viruses And Bacteriaecologica
- Eco Friendly: Respectful With The Environment
Outer Layer:
- Drytex Comfort Microfiber ©
- Breathable
- Sanitized © (T11-15) Treatment For Greater Protection
Inner Layer:
- Homologated Fabric According To Une 0065/2020) Standard From Aitex
- Breathable
- Waterproof
- Eco Friendly
- Act As A Barrier For Viruses And Bacteria
- Bacterial Friltration Efficiency > 90
- Breathability: Differential Pressure < 60
- Elastic Ear Cord For A Softer And Hypoallergenic Fit, Avoiding Allergies And Chafing
- Composition 89% Poliamide 11% Elastomer
- Homologated Fabric: According To The Une 0065/2020 Standard From Aitex Hidrofugo
Washing Recommendation:
- Fully Reusable: Wash In Washing Machine Homologado
- We recommend disinfecting it using a virucidal product, either by spraying directly on the garment or adding the disinfectant in the washing machine’s softener bucket and wash it normally at 30º / 40º without centrifugation. Do not add fabric softener.

Features Wind X-Treme Wdx Face Mask

  • Color: Blue